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Kathy Hopewell, The Free Writer's Companion - Added 1st November 2022
J.M./ Julia Ozanne's novels are as compulsively readable as a newspaper scoop. Ozanne writes the best dialogue in the business and her main character, Cassie Jones, a determined and principled young journalist, is drawn so vividly, that you find yourself worrying about her long after the life-threatening jeopardy of the story is over.

The location of both books, set on the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales, is brilliantly described and the complex relationships she forms are further explored in the sequel, Rule of Twelfths, as her loyalty to her friends, justice and self-preservation lead her into yet more dangerous and testing situations.
The Boat Shed - Helen Grove-White, artist, Anglesey - Added 1st November 2022
The Boat Shed is a racy thriller and a compelling human drama set on the coast of North Wales and in and out of boats and boatyards. Ozanne shows us her deep love of the sea with great verve through an up-to-the-minute yarn.
Richard Buxton. - Added 1st November 2022
A credible and warmly sympathetic picture of the main character, Cassie Jones, as she develops and matures through adventures and challenges. I would like to meet her! An interesting set of characters follow her through both books and I am looking forward to the third book in the trilogy.
Kathy Woodhead, Delfryn Publications - Added 1st November 2022
Absolute pleasure to read. Julia brings her characters to life and it is a joy to read of Cassie's trials and tribulations. Being a kayaker and sailor, I found her adventures at sea, compelling and exciting. I am looking forward to the next book.
Issy Summers - Added 1st November 2022
Riveting and intriguing high suspense reads. If you've ever visited the sleepy, seaside village of Borth-y-Gest, think again and read these books. Fabulous.
Visitor - Added 1st November 2022
A real page-turner
Visitor - Added 19th October 2022
Couldn't put it down.
Visitor - Added 11th October 2022
I walked every step of the way.